Corporate Services

Working as an extension of your team, we provide tailored-to-fit services to suit your organization

Create a Presence Where There is None

Our Corporate Department provides a wide variety of services through its dedicated, professional and experienced lawyers and legal advisors. We find reliable, solid and out-of-the-box legal solutions to suit our client’s requirements and business needs in accordance with Iraqi law.

  • Registration of foreign company branches in Iraq
  • Incorporation of local companies, whether owned by Iraqi persons and/or foreigners
  • Legally representing clients before official authorities and ministries in Iraq for the purpose of obtaining sectorial approvals and/or consents stipulated for conducting specific activities in Iraq (if applicable)
  • Filing local companies and/or branches of foreign companies in the General Commission of Taxation and the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs – Directorate of Social Security
  • Maintaining the files of clients (whether branches of foreign companies and/or local companies) with official authorities (Directorate of Companies’ Registration, General Commission of Taxation and Directorate of Social Security) according to applicable laws in Iraq 
  • Advising on, completing and following up on the procedures of amending articles of association of local companies with Iraqi Directorate of Company Registration 
  • Advising on, completing and following up the tax accountability procedures for foreign companies entered into contracts in Iraq
  • Advising clients on the most appropriate legal structure for registering its business in Iraq. 
  • Advising on and representing clients before the Ministry of Interior, Labor and Social Affairs and National Investment Commission for the purpose of obtaining visitor visas, work permits and multi-entry visas for their non-Iraqi staff
  • Implementing due diligence studies on entities subject to potential acquisition and/or merger and preparing reports related thereto
  • Advising on and completing procedures of share transfers, capital increases and liquidation of companies and registered entities in Iraq 
  • Legal advisors of  satellite entities of clients registered in Iraq, as stipulated under the provision of the law
  • Assisting clients in finding and hiring a certified accountant, renting a space for their business in Iraq, connecting them with local law firms, which may be needed for expanding their business, as well as following up the tasks assigned by our clients to those local firms

Property Disputes

With the potential for property disputes to last years due to delays in governmental processes, we specialize in providing consulting and dispute resolution in private and commercial property matters and real estate issues.

We offer consultancy in a variety of fields including long-term leasing and surface contracts for energy & electricity projects and factories where these projects also require legal scrutiny and legal assurance that the client is heading in the right direction prior to starting operations. We also provide services for individuals and small businesses.

Tax questions? We can help.

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