Our Firm is pleased to announce the publication of the Construction 2023 – Iraq Chapter for the second year

The main concern would be the licensability of the business – whether it was carried out by an individual designer or contractor or by an entity – as the license of the business is the critical element in getting that business set up and functioning; then, there are the regulatory compliance and sectoral approvals that the business needs to be aware of and adhere to.

Generally, the foreign designer or contractor can register a branch of its entity that must have already been incorporated outside Iraq at least two years before applying for its branch registration in Iraq. This branch will be allowed to use tenders or contracts with Iraqi entities subject to the above restrictions and the other special requirements for each tender or contract.

The Code of the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate No. 51 of 1979 (as amended) prevents engineers who are not listed in the Syndicate ‘or those members who have not fulfilled their obligations under provisions of this code’ from practising the profession of engineering.


To read the full chapter please use our Complimentary download link


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