We specialize in seeking justice, providing support and ethically navigating the Iraqi market

Strong organizations need a strong legal team


What We Do

  • Dispute settlements through litigation & international arbitration
  • Creation, evaluation & implementation of regional business concepts & strategy
  • Property issues
  • Banking & restructuring of corporations
  • Insurance & reinsurance
  • Tax advisory
  • Banking, investments, financial concepts / arrangements
  • Reinvestments, bilateral investments
  • Intellectual property including patent, design model and regional copyright
  • Off-set, barter
  • Commercial Agency Law, contracting and termination
  • Labor and social security laws
  • Maritime Law, C/P disputer, cargo claims, maritime claims & liens, arrest and ship registration
  • Trademark Law, regional wide registration of TMs and TMs research

International arbitration

A true partner in Iraq, we work with clients and international law firms to resolve and expertly navigate and advise on conflicts in and out of Iraq ethically.

Learn about our Corporate Services

  • Banking & restructuring of corporates
  • Insurance & reinsurance
  • Tax advisory
  • Commercial Agency Law, contracting & termination
  • Labor & social security laws
  • Trademark Law, regional wide registration of TMs, TMs research
  • Intellectual property – patent, design model, regional copyright
  • Commercial contracts
  • Industrial project advisement
  • Acting consulting experts providing independent legal advice to international tribunals following a nomination by one of the litigants
  • Local counsel to international law firms to provide tailored consulting to the client for local law provisions of relevance to the matter of dispute; ideally, such role is maintained throughout the duration of arbitration.
  • We also offer legal advice and opinions from a local law perspective to clients on a case-by-case basis in relation to their on-going arbitration proceedings

Let’s Work Together

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