We work with corporations, NGO’s and government bodies to provide tax consulting and services tailored to suit each individual client’s needs.

Tax Management

We assist in the legal requirement of appointing a certified auditor, or CPA, to manage the company accounts and ensure filing on an annual basis to the Iraqi tax commission. Additionally, we provide guidance on the requirements of opening a taxation file with the general commission of tax in Iraq upon company registration (whether local companies or branches of foreign companies). This includes establishing a compliance check for all legal requirements that each company should consider when doing business in Iraq.

Your Tax Partner

We represent clients in obtaining a tax identification number, or TIN, as well as receiving a tax clearance letter from the general commission of stacks required by the contracting agency or the prime contractor. 

As part of our commitment to our clients, we also provide settlement of financial accounts of taxpayers companies and ensuring that such accounts are settled to the extent that no taxation liability remains pending or unresolved.


We provide legal consultancy services to help businesses determine that they are in compliance with local taxation laws and to provide a safety net ensuring that the tax amount payable is correct as permitted by the law.

We also provide legal representation before the General Commission of Tax for complex tax disputes.

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We work with businesses of all industries & sizes.

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