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HHL at IBBC Dubai Autumn Conference 2022

As Iraq returns to the international stage with record oil revenues, stability, and a new Government, the IBBC extended its Autumn Dubai conference 2022 over three days to accommodate a record number of attendees and speakers. While energy is fundamental to Iraq, the...

Electronic Judicial Notifications in the Iraqi Law

Electronic Judicial Notifications in the Iraqi Law

Electronic Judicial Notifications in the Iraqi Law The main definition of Judicial Notifications in general as stated in the Civil Procedures Law is; to enable the other party of the dispute to be aware of the dispute or a particular procedure with it, and it can also...

Electronic Contracts and Signatures in Iraq

Electronic Contracts and Signatures in Iraq

Does Iraq recognize electronic contracts and signatures thereon? The Iraqi law recognizes the conclusion of contracts in electronic form with similar effect to paper [classic] form; the practice, though, faces difficulty in time/place evidencing of the conclusion of...

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